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Our Dog Squad comprises of high trained and pedigreed dogs along with skilled and experienced dog handlers. These squads are effectively used for industrial, business and event purposes for facility patrolling, crisis detection and search operations for missions. Our Dog Squad has the ability to detect bombs, explosives, firearms and narcotics with specialized and certified training to help make people and places feel safer at all times.

Furrious has a team of skilled professionals that train, manage and handle the dogs. Dog Squad Services are considered the most reliable and trustworthy means of security because of their exceptional power to sense, smell and hear any form of crisis or disaster. We offer various breeds of dog that are trained for many purposes and assign them for a desired period as per your needs and requirement, taking safety to the next level.

You can utilize Furiouss’ Dog Squad Services for the following purposes


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Radhika Jain

Superb service ,extremely happy with their response.

Mr. Pramod Gupta


“Superb and well planned organization ,take care of customers grievances”

Mrs. Devika Burman

Head Client Services

“Furrious is a professional company ,i am very happy to hire it for my organization “

Mr. Ritwik Ray

Executive Director

“Hiring from them has eased our life ,we can rely on them completely.”

Mrs. Neerja Sharma

Assistant Manager

“They have a very well trained guards ,always provide solution to all your problems.”

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